If not rotary, who? If not now, when?

Preventing and reducing justice-involved youth appear to be a perfect mission for Rotary.  There is a Rotary Club(s) in most cities.  Rotarians in these 40 District clubs are professional people and local leaders.  The complexity of the justice-involved system is a Rotary size problem. 

The strong moral underpinning of the Rotary FYI flows from and is directly aligned with The Objects of Rotary, The Ideal of Service, The Rotary Peace Initiative, and Rotary efforts to mentor young people, help those with special needs, and improve quality of life, and for breaking the cycles of poverty. (RE: Rotary International Doctrine, and overall theme of the May 2017, Rotary Magazine). 

This district-wide project, Rotary FYI, could possibly be the next Rotary International Project with the Polio Plus mission almost completed.  

The diverse and professional skill sets needed to accomplish the aims of Rotary FYI are, in most cases, already present in Rotary Clubs.  Other disciplines can be recruited.  Examples are Dr. Altha Stewart, Pastor Charlie Caswell, Richard Graham, Director of Juvenile Intervention Faith-based Follow-up, (JIFF), retired Juvenile Judge Steve Hornsby, Randy Odom of Memphis Athletics Ministries and others.  These new Rotarians arrive ready, skilled, and passionate about moving the effort forward.

The greatest lever for change is awareness.
— Chinese Proverb